Monday, September 27, 2010

Homestead Update: Fall

It's starting to feel like fall on the little homestead. The squirrels are riotous from all the acorns falling, pecans are starting to show on the trees, and the nippy air is a pleasant change from the hot Texas summer. So I thought the change of season would be the perfect time for a little update.

Summer seemed like a season of not-so-successes (I won't call them failures. It's only a failure if you don't learn from it). We moved in in April, so our garden was a little late and we didn't have time to examine the yard and find the right spot for it. We have SOOO much shade. Nothing grew. My mother-in-law did give me a tomato plant that grew for a while, and I got one green tomato quiche out of it. Most of my produce came from the farmer's market or my mom and mother-in-law.

I had a clothesline, but I also had terrible allergies. The clothesline is still waiting to be hung indoors, and we have been using the dryer. Feels like a failure, but I have learned that I need to hang my clothes inside.

As for fall, I had a lot of plans for clearing flowerbeds to plant strawberries, propogate roses, and grow garlic, but those will have to wait. We may be seeing a lot of changes in our family in the not too distant future, so my project focus will be on organization and simplification. I'm hoping to get the garage cleaned out and organized over the fall months.

What sort of things did you do this summer? What are your goals for the fall? Leave a comment!

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