Saturday, January 22, 2011

What is it like to live in an RV?

We have lived in the RV for two months now (good grief I need to update my blog more often!), so I thought I would answer this question since I finally sort of know.

Keep in mind all RVs, locations, and situations are different, so this would vary depending on your situation. For example, we live in an older RV, so there's more maintenance. It is also small, so more space would make a difference. And we are docked. Things would be much, MUCH different if we were travelling all the time. So without further ado, a list:

~It is small. Very small. We are constantly getting rid of things we realized we didn't need or just didn't have room for. Even still, it is somtimes hard to find places for things we DO need, like toilet paper. It's also a bit of an adjustment to get used to such a small kitchen. On the other hand, sometimes smallness is good, because:

~It is easy to clean. I can clean the whole RV from front to back in twenty minutes. But:

~It is hard to KEEP clean. The thing gets trashed in two minutes. One toy on the floor feels like three. Because the floor is so small, the carpet always looks dirty (when the dirt is all spread out in a house it doesn't look so bad, but when it's all consolidated into one spot... well, it looks gross).

~Doing laundry stinks. This applies for anywhere without a washer and dryer, though. I just got spoiled to having my own in the house.

~Showers are... interesting. We have a decent sized tub/shower, but the hot water doesn't last very long. One day I had just enough hot water to get my hair all soaped up before the shower started shooting little ice balls at me! (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it was COLD) I don't know what I would have done if hubby hadn't been there. He warmed up some water in the microwave so I could rinse my hair and then I finished my shower in the park showers. We have been showering there ever since. Our shower is currently being used as a closet.

~It takes a bit more maintenance than a house. We have to move it every month to fill up the propane tank, and start it every couple days to charge the battery (because of a glitch in a fuse, most RVs don't require that). Not really a big deal, but more than a house.

~I love it! Except for the showers and laundry, I really love living in the RV. Doodlebug has lots of places to play and climb and hide, and we spend quite a bit of time outside. Spending less time cleaning means more time with my little girl!

I'm sure I will probably add to this the longer we live here. I am truly enjoying the experience, though.

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