Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Healthy Habits for December

The habit for the month over at is pampering yourself. Boy, do I ever need this. In the midst of a tough first trimester, a toddler, and the biggest move of my life, I totally let my healthy habits go. I honestly never even want to look at fast food ever ever again!
So as a part of pampering myself I have decided to add back in some of the healthy habits my body has been missing. I started today with a green smoothie.

I have three goals for December:
Drink a green smoothie every day.
Take ALL my supplements.
Drink enough water.

That's it! I'm not taking anything away (I will NOT give up caffeine when I'm this stressed. Nosirree.). I don't want to feel like I'm depriving myself right before the holidays. I'm just adding a couple of simple things that I know will make me feel a ton better.

Does anyone want to join me? Post your healthy habit for December in the comments!

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