Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our New Home

So I finally got around to posting pictures of our new home. I decided that if I waited for it to look perfect that I would never post them, so please ignore the mess!

Obviously we haven't decorated or anything yet. These lovely curtains are circa 1983!

This is our living area. That shelf is really a bed, but we needed it for storage. I need to get it cleared off soon.

I am undecided about decorating. We will be in the RV for a few years, so I want it to be comfortable, and I could easily redecorate the whole thing for a couple hundred dollars, but part of the reason we are living here is to save money to pay off debt. So I sort of think we should use the money for that? I haven't decided yet, and I can't paint right now anyway, so I think I'll just wait.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. Im a GCM mama and we lived in an RV fulltime with our 2 youngest for a couple of yrs.I took down as much of the RV stuff that I could and I found different curtains for the bedroom in back at places like Goodwill and we made it our own somewhat.Thing we did splurge on was taking carpet out and putting in solid flooring and was I ever glad we did.Your colors look at least somewhat neutral - ours were from a strange mauve era.