Friday, April 8, 2011

Smokers Pollute Everyone's Air

No smoking
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Because it's my blog and I can rant if I want to.

Smoking annoys the tar out of me. We don't frequent businesses that allow smoking. We will not eat in a restauraunt with a smoking section, even if it is enclosed. I can still smell it. I really hope that Texas becomes smoke-free soon. I love going to towns where there are smoking bans, because I can eat in whatever restaurant I want! Our current town has a grand total of two non-smoking restaurants. Poo.

But what really annoys me are the obnoxious people who do things like smoke on playgrounds. Or in laundry rooms. Seriously?! What is the point of washing your clothes if you are going to stink them up with smoke before they even get done? And stinking up my clothes, too, is just wrong.

And playgrounds? Go away people! My child does not need to smell your stink. I don't care if you move downwind. That's fine with me. But get your butt off the playground!

I don't even like walking through parking lots and having to walk by cars where people are sitting inside smoking. I can still smell it! Even with the windows up! Even people smoking in their own yards bothers me if it's near me. We used to have to go inside because our neighbors smoked in their backyard and it blew on us.

I suppose that people have a right to kill themselves and smoke if they want to, but ya know what? I have a right... my CHILD has a right to clean air! If you are going to kill yourself, do it in your own dang house where I don't have to breathe it.

Thank you.

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  1. Agree Agree Agree!!!
    We live in a small town in Texas, too, and so many people smoke right on the playground benches. I am pretty vocal about having to move my son away from them. I can't understand why it is even legal to smoke within 50 feet of public playgrounds.
    -JoyousTXmama from GCM :)